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Our aim is to bring together in one comprehensive Multilanguage database, significant and detailed information of health professionals based in European countries for users, potential patients or clients.


Physicians/Therapists can comprehensively present themselves with regard to the size of their medical practice, personnel, or field of activity and so on. Your logo, photograph and free text tops the presentation. Special publication requests can be met, if within our technical capability. Also provided is the ability to indicate connection to hospitals (available beds), other clinical practices, or information on substitution during vacation etc.


Looking for a Physician/Therapist in your neighborhood, in a city or country recently settled into, maybe planning a vacation or a business trip but require medical treatment or a therapist at your destination who is:
• a specialist in the health problem you have;
• able to speak your language;
• and is located nearby?

All essential information can be found in the various categories on our Website!

Customer Service / Website

At UNITED, we are instrumental in improving our website, customer service and welcome any form of feedback which will in turn, allow us to improve The European Medical Directory, provide customer satisfaction and maintain quality control. Our customer service team is available to clarify or answer any questions you may have.

The European Medical Directory (TEMDI) is dedicated to continuously increasing our database and maintaining quality control.