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15-10-2018Diabetic patients are more at risk of death from alcohol, accidents and suicide
15-10-2018Gynecologists concerned about the increase caesareans
01-10-2018Early lifestyle habits may influence gut microbiota, cardiometabolic health in teens
01-10-2018Cancer undercuts ability of normal cells to consume glucose, finds study
10-09-2018Osteoarthritis research effort works to understand cartilage developmen
10-09-2018Long-Term Attention Needed to Maintain Blood Pressure Reductions
03-09-2018Chemotherapy increases early menopause risk for women with lung cancer
03-09-2018A New Breast Cancer Detection Device Can Identify Tumor Tissue in Under 5 Minutes
27-08-2018Impaired mental status is associated with doubled death risk after heart attack in elderly
27-08-2018Family histories of diabetes, early-onset CHD increase vascular risk in diabetes
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