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In need of a local Doctor or Therapist who speaks your language?

Look no further. The European Medical Directory (TEMDI) can find them for you. The Directory has a comprehensive database with essential information of health professionals throughout Europe at your fingertips.

The European Medical Directory is a unique Multilanguage directory purpose-built to provide a gateway for our users, possible potential patients or clients to medical practitioners and therapists alike.

Our directory is simple and easy to use, thus ensuring Health Professionals will be located with ease and in the shortest possible time resulting in time saving and possible traveling costs.

We are dedicated and committed to providing the very best of service at all times to our health professionals and users alike. Any positive feedback, suggestions or articles which may be of assistance and a benefit to us and others is always appreciated.

The information contained in this directory is updated regularly. If you wish to be added to the directory, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Existing Medical Professionals can update their particulars online using the edit function or simply send us an email with the desired change requests.

Please note, for security reasons, information changed using the edit function on this website may require verification by the user and will only take affect once data has been verified.

The European Medical Directory (TEMDI) is dedicated to continuously increasing our database and maintaining quality control.